Free-Range Pigs


Rootin' and Roamin' was started back in 2017 when Ian wanted to fatten a couple of weaners for Christmas. After being unsuccessful finding any he stumbled across an advert online for two saddleback sows and two Gloucestershire old spot boars. After a successful viewing it was decided they were the pigs for us and two weeks later they arrived home.

Sophie, Rosie, Bruno and Shajkie settled in to there new home instantly and began work rooting up their paddock. A couple of months later the piglets arrived and whilst this was an amazing experience for the first time pig keepers it also presented a challenge as what were we to do with 18 piglets.It would have been a bit much to sell between family and friends. 

Early in 2018 it was decided that we would sell free range pork and Ian's dad John came up with the name Rootin' and Roamin' as it very accurately described what the pigs got up to.

Since these early days we have also bred two replacement sows Polly and Peggy and have bought in another saddleback sow (Poppy) and our Tamworth boar (Donald).

As of current we have not settled for one breed but use a mixture of all three which we think produces a lovely pig, if not a little wild and mischievous. Ask our neighbours!

Looking into the future it is likely we will continue to keep breeding sows from Sophie our eldest sow and maybe look to breed some pure saddlebacks as they are our favourite breed. 

One thing is for certain though all our pigs will continue to be free- range and enjoy Rootin' and Roamin' at Hardiston  




Hardiston Farm is farmed and owned by the Buchanan family. It is located two and a half miles from Cleish and has the stunning backdrop of Dunglow hill. 

The farm is a mixed farm with a mixture of sheep cattle and crops. All barley that is grown on the farm is kept for the livestock such as the pigs


Did you know that less than 3% of the pigs farmed in Britain are genuinely free range…  It has never been more meaningful to know where your meat comes from and it is important for your own peace of mind that you can trust the pork you are sold is in fact free range.